June 3, 2023
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Cuban Architecture
Cuban ArchitectureHAVANA: a trip around universal architecture

Special Tours of Architecture in Cuba
The village of San Cristóbal de La Habana founded in 1519, soon after became the capital of the island. Since the XVI century, and due to its geographical location, Havana was an important cross path for most of the ships travelling between the Old and New Worlds. From the XVII century the Havana port, with its safe-closed bay, was selected as a meeting point for the ships that waited the caravan departure to Spain. Havana became the more important trade and cultural center in Central America, and was entitled as "La Llave del Golfo" (Key to the Gulf of Mexico).

Walking through its paved streets, visiting the ancient castles, fortresses, monuments, churches and the numerous museums is a way to be acquainted with the best preserved in Latin America rich and astonishing profusion of architecture styles. Since 1982, UNESCO declared Havana as a world cultural heritage.

The presence of such ancient art features combined with other styles from the beginning of the last century make Cuba, and particularly Havana, an exhibition center of universal architecture. Old Havana shows exponents of the Mudejar art in the castles Real Fuerza, Los Tres Reyes del Morro and San Salvador de la Punta together with beautiful constructions from Baroque period as the Havana Cathedral, the convent San Francisco de Asís and the palaces of Capitanes Generales and del Segundo Cabo. The influence of other styles spread in the urban space: the Neoclassic period is found in the fountains Los Leones (1836) and La India, the palace Aldama and El Templete; the Eclectic style in the Parque Central and the streets Muralla and Monserrate; Art-Nouveau in the house of Loma del Mazo, in the Edificio Blanco, the Palacio Cueto and La Casa Rosada; and the Art-Deco in the buildings Bacardí and López Serrano.

These and many other works of art can be appreciated by our visitors, either professionals or lovers of architecture and monument building, via the tour package or excursions offered by SERVICIOS GLOBAL Our agency is also able to arrange: appointed visits to the buildings of major architecture value in colonial Havana, specialized lectures on the diversity of styles and constructive techniques which converged into the building of Havana, as well as direct exchange with professionals working in the several restoration projects of the Cuban capital.

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