March 3, 2024
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Domestic Flights in Cuba
Flights To Cuba Flights From Cuba Domestic Flights
Code From Code To Start price
BAYBayamo AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 115
CAMCamaguey AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 104
CCCCayo Coco AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 91
CLGCayo Largo AirportVAPVaradero AirportUSD 73
CLGCayo Largo AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 73
CBJCayo Las Brujas AirportVAPVaradero AirportUSD 90
CBJCayo Las Brujas AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 90
CSMCayo Santa MariaHAPHavana AirportUSD 77
CDACiego de Avila AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 91
GTAGuantanamo AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 165
HAPHavana AirportTNALas Tunas AirportUSD 123
HAPHavana AirportGERNew Gerona AirportUSD 49
HAPHavana AirportMANManzanillo AirportUSD 127
HAPHavana AirportCSMCayo Santa MariaUSD 96
HAPHavana AirportCLGCayo Largo AirportUSD 79
HAPHavana AirportBAYBayamo AirportUSD 127
HAPHavana AirportSAPSantiago de Cuba AirportUSD 142
HAPHavana AirportCBJCayo Las Brujas AirportUSD 84
HAPHavana AirportGTAGuantanamo AirportUSD 165
HAPHavana AirportCAMCamaguey AirportUSD 107
HAPHavana AirportCCCCayo Coco AirportUSD 110
HAPHavana AirportCLGCayo Largo AirportUSD 76
HAPHavana AirportBARBaracoa AirportUSD 170
HAPHavana AirportMOAMoa AirportUSD 156
HAPHavana AirportCDACiego de Avila AirportUSD 91
HAPHavana AirportHOLHolguin AirportUSD 120
HOLHolguin AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 114
TNALas Tunas AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 112
MANManzanillo AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 114
MOAMoa AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 135
GERNew Gerona AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 49
SAPSantiago de Cuba AirportHAPHavana AirportUSD 126
VAPVaradero AirportCBJCayo Las Brujas AirportUSD 90
VAPVaradero AirportCLGCayo Largo AirportUSD 75
VAPVaradero AirportCLGCayo Largo AirportUSD 80
We reserve the right however to lower or raise our prices at any time before the booking is confirmed.
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