March 3, 2024
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Cuba Scuba Diving Holidays, Cuba Dive Sites.

Scuba Diving vacations in Cuba.
Great vacations snorkeling in the Best Cuba Dive Sites.
Our Travel Agency, SERVICIOS GLOBAL give you the chance to meet some of the most exciting dive places in Cuba.
Reserve online your scuba diving trip to cuba with us!!!!
Attractive offers, Scuba Diving Lessons and courses in Cuba, to enjoy authentic natural Holidays with marine accent.
Lovers of diving, snorkeling, fishing and nautical sports will enjoy in seaside facilities with excellent food and beverage.
Cuba has the last hidden paradise under Caribbean waters. Each possesses a unique feature with colourful marine life and pristine coral reefs. So take the plunge and explore the calmest, clearest waters anywhere on Earth.

The island of Cuba, with its 42,827 square miles (110,922 square kilometres), is the largest island in the Antilles. Its privileged position at the very entrance of the Gulf of Mexico, side by side with the Bahamas Channel and bathed by the Caribbean Sea, made the Island have a strategic location for the Spanish fleets in the region centuries ago. As a consequence of this, the Cuban insular shelf became a graveyard for ships caught by hard meteorological conditions in their way to Europe.

Cuba Scuba diving recommended areas:
South of the Isla de la Juventud and Cayo Largo del Sur; Maria La Gorda, in Pinar del Rio; north coast of Havana; Varadero and their artificial submarine park; Peninsula de Zapata; coast of Cienfuegos, that includes among its marvels, the coral Notre Dame, of 6m of height; coast of Santiago de Cuba, with important jetsam; north coast of Camagüey, Holguín and Jardines del Rey, protected by an imposing considered coralline formation the second at world level.

Scuba diving places in Cuba
Diving in El Colony Diving in El Colony
Coordinates: Lat. 21º 36'N., Long. 82
Destination: Isla de la Juventud
Address: Carretera Siguanea km. 42. Isla de la Juventud. A 25 mile drive south from New Gerona will bring you to the Colony International Scuba-Diving Center

EL Colony International Scuba Diving Centeris located in Punta Frances a reserve of the biosphere,in La Isla de la Juventud. Its picturesque beaches are perfect, both for water sports and for simply enjoying nature. Facilities include 56 scuba diving sites, Hyperbaric chamber and underwater medical services.
This island`s enchantment stems both from its history, which is filled with legends of buried treasure and from its beautiful seabeds. The Siguanea Marina can fit you out for scuba diving in renowned sea depths, which many specialists consider one of the best in the world for scuba diving. Tunnels, passages, grottoes, deep channels and underwater valleys form an incomparable submarine seascape. Scuba diving courses at all levels are offered, with internationally recognized certificates.

Diving in Maria la Gorda Diving in Maria la Gorda
Coordinates: Lat. 21º 49'N., Long. S4"
Destination: Pinar del Rio
Address: La Bajada, Península Guanahacabibes. Sandino. Pinar del Río.
Maria la Gorda, it's located on the southern coast of the most western region of the Cuban archipelago, 186.4 miles (300 km) from Havana, in the Ensenada de Corrientes, in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula. It was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This resort combines the beautiful diversity of its landscape with seabottoms that are full of marine species and coral reefs of breathtaking beauty. It is the ideal place to practice both diving and ecotourism.
Diving in Marina Cabo de San Antonio Diving in Marina Cabo de San Antonio
Destination: Pinar del Rio
Address: Cabo de San Antonio, Pinar del Río, Cuba
Marina Cabo San Antonio, It is located at the north-western end of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, region that still remains almost virgin and it was given the category of Reservation of the Biosphere, approved by UNESCO since 1987. It is surrounded by a fascinating marine environment and abundant foliage; appropriate for the lovers of diving and nature, ecological trips, the hotel also have services of rent of equipments for diving and boats with pedals , diving instructors, and fishing.
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