September 17, 2019
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What to do in Cuba, Interesting places to visit in Cuba
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Arbour of Manzanillo
Arbour of Manzanillo Destination: Granma
Arbour of Manzanillo. The Moorish Square of the park Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, of Manzanillo, it was inaugurated June 24, 1924 and has become a cultural symbol of the city, for its exceptional singularity among all the constructions of that type in the country.
Bariay Monument National Park
Bariay Monument National Park Destination: Holguin
On the evening of October 27, 1492, ships led by Christopher Columbus arrived on the coast of what is today known as Bariay Bay.
Bay of Pigs Batle Museum
Bay of Pigs Batle Museum Destination: Peninsula de Zapata
As a testimony of the invasion, the museum displays in its halls a wide collection constituted by photographic material, weapons and equipment used by the mercenaries and the Cuban troops that defended our territory and personal items captured from the mercenaries.
Duaba Destination: Baracoa
Duaba , National Monument, from December of 1979.
In beach Duaba, Antonio Maceo and other expeditionary, disembarked April 1, 1895. The place is to 3 km for the part west of the head of Baracoa.
El Morrillo Fort
El Morrillo Fort Destination: Varadero
El Morrillo Fort is one of the fortresses built in the 18th century to protect the city from attacks by corsairs and pirates. Today it is a memorial-museum.
El Templete
El Templete Destination: Havana
El Templete, small neoclassical temple which marks the spot where the first Mass was said in 1519.
Havana Capitol
Havana Capitol Destination: Havana
Havana Capitol . Built in 1929 as the Senate and House of Representatives. It is a replica of Rome's Capitol. Inside stands the largest indoor bronze statue in the world representing Pallas Athena.
Havana University
Havana University Destination: Havana
Havana University Founded in 1728. The great staircases leading to the doors of the university were the scene of student demonstrations during the dictatorships of Machado and Batista.
House of Africa
House of Africa Destination: Havana
House of Africa . There are valuable collections from 27 African countries, based on the collection of researcher Fernando Ortiz and also presents made to President Fidel Castro by heads of state and other personalities of Africa.
Jose Marti Memorial
Jose Marti Memorial Destination: Havana
Jose Marti Memorial. Jose Marti is honored by permanent and transitory expositions that recall his prolific life.
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