September 17, 2019
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MatanzasMatanzas province, Cuba limit to: the north with the Estrecho de la Florida and San Nicolas Channel, to the south, with the Mar Caribe, to the west with the Havana province and to the east with Villa Clara and Cienfuegos.
Their main cities are Matanzas (the capital), Cárdenas, Varadero, Jovellanos, Perico and Colon. Surface, 11.978 kmĀ²; population (2007), 684.460 inhabitants
Their most important rivers are, among other, La Palma, Hanábana, Hatiguanico, Canimar and Yumuri, this last one, crosses the famous valley, that takes its name and it is one of the geographical beauties of Matanzas, among those, that highlight the Hill of Jacan, in the center, with 316 meters high on the level of the sea, and the hill Bread of Matanzas, with 381 meters. In the limits of the county it figures the Bacunayagua bridge, which offers an impressive view of the Valley of the Yumuri, surrounded by a mountainous border of 150 meters high and watered by the Yumuri and Bacunayagua rivers.
On the south, in the Marsh of Zapata, stands out the Bahia de Cochinos, The Salines, an attractiveness refuge for the migratory birds that comes from the south of the United States in the months of winter, and other tourist centres such as Playa Giron and Playa Larga, historical scenarios of the invasion organized by the C.I.A against Cuba, in 1961.
Precisely, there is the Lagoon of the Treasure, the biggest marsh in the Insular Caribbean and also the most abundant phreatic mantel in the island of Cuba, and they possess 15 types of floors, twelve of them capable for agriculture.
The county of Matanzas has stood out in the production of petroleum, electricity, citric, sugar, agricultural foods, and in the Slight and Alimentary industries, among other lines.
In a special way, the territory stands out in the tourist activity, because it has in its northern coast the beach of Varadero , one of the favourite ones from the Caribbean and among the best in the world. This makes a first class hotel pole facility, a modern airport, two marine, four diving centres and a field of golf of 18 holes, among others.
The tourist activity in Matanzas has more than 50 hotels,for your accommodation, most of them in Varadero, with 80% of its rooms in four and five stars category. You can rent a car in Matanzas to 20 minutes of Varadero. That city spa heads a triangle where the cities of Matanzas and Cardenas are included with extraordinary cultural, architectural and historical attractiveness, which make them objective prioritized of the strange visitors.

Codigo Postal de los Municipios de Matanzas, Cuba

Municipio Codigo Postal
Matanzas 40100
Cardenas 42110
Varadero 42200
Marti 42300
Colon 42400
Perico 42500
Jovellanos 42600
Pedro Betancourt 42700
Limonar 42800
Union de Reyes 42900
Cienaga de Zapata 43000
Jagüey Grande 43100
Calimete 43200
Los Arabos 43300
Matanzas - Airport: Varadero Airport
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