September 17, 2019
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Las Tunas
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Las TunasLas Tunas, well-known as the balcony of the Cuban east, is located in the western end of the oriental region of the island. It limits to the north with the Atlantic Ocean, to the east with the province of Holguín, to the south with Granma and the gulf of Guacanayabo, in the Caribbean Sea and to the west with the province of Camagüey.

Towards the south it is a very flat province with low and marshy cost and it presents plentiful swamps. To the north, the coast is high and it has big bays, as those of Malagueta, Manatí and Puerto Padre. It has a humid tropical climate, with annual precipitations of about 1.200 Mm. and the annual half temperature fluctuates between the 24 and 27 degrees Celsius and the predominant wind is from the northeast to the east.
The central part is part of the Florida − Camagüey - Las Tunas Peniplano , from where numerous rivers like the Jobabo, Sevilla and El Hormiguero descend, toward the south, and Yarigna, Manatí, Orange tree and Chaparra, to the north that waters their fertile lands. It possesses a marsh with the biggest reservoir in America, crocodiles of the Caribbean, with nearly 20 thousand animals of that species.

The economic activity is characterized by the agricultural activity, especially for the cultivation of sugar cane, fruit-bearing vegetables and other products and cattle raising.
It has six sugar industries, two manufacturers of yeast, a kenaff processor, a cheese factory and other nutritious products, next to a diverse industrial centres.
The industry is represented by the mining and the mechanic industry. The province has three marine ports, Guayabal, to the south, and Manatí and Carúpano, to the north, dedicated fundamentally to the export of sugar cane. In the cattle line, it is the livestock bovine milkman in the first place, followed by the swinish one and the poultry one.
It has eight municipalities: Amancio Rodriguez, Calixto Garcia, Colombia, Jesus Menendez, Jobabo, Majibacoa, Manatí, Puerto Padre and Las Tunas, provincial head. Their capital, Victoria de Las Tunas, owes the name to a victory of the Spaniards. The first of the tourist facilities of The Tunas works in the Beach Covarrubias, with 120 rooms that aims at the awakening of the sector in that region of the Cuban east.
Tourism in the province is beginning; it offers a series of expeditions with hunts and forests guiding tourism towards nature, waters with minerals and medicinal properties in Menendez and facilities with speleologist possibilities. Amongst their 265 kilometres of coast line it has 35 virgin beaches of excellent quality, of crystal waters, coral barriers and white sands, and the presence of the City of Puerto Padre, well-known as the capital of the sculptures, with a varied native culture original to the province, where it highlights the so called Jornada Cucalambeana.
In this region, for various years a developmental project finds it source, for the most important milkmen in the country, for which it has the back up of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Foods World Program (PMA), added to this the presence of the most modern steel industry in the country.
Codigo Postal de Las Tunas, Cuba
Municipio Codigo Postal
Manati 77100
Puerto Padre 77200
Jesús Menendez 77300
Majibacoa 77400
Las Tunas 75500
Jobabo 77500
Colombia 77600
Amancio 77700

Las Tunas - Airport: Las Tunas Airport
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