September 17, 2019
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Jardines del Rey
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Jardines del Rey

The Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King) Archipelago lies just off the northern coast of Ciego de Avila Province and is part of the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago, the longest of the four archipelagos near the island of Cuba and the one with more of 2500 cays and islets.

Governor Diego Velazquez named this archipelago Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King) in honor to Ferdinand the Catholic, of Spain, in 1514. Now, more than 500 years later, this island group still has new things for you to discover.

Coco and Guillermo Cays, two of the jewels in this necklace of islands, have great natural beauty. Here, comforts of the modern world have been added carefully, to complement and protect the environment. Paredon Grande (Big Wall) - the smallest of these cays, but in no way inferior to the others - is about to be developed for tourism.

The region's major key, Cayo Coco, is the fourth largest islet in the Cuban archipelago, covering an area of 370 square kilometers, including 22 kilometers of excellent beaches, complemented by mangrove vegetation and coconut trees. The name of Cayo Coco comes from the presence of White Ibis - popularly known as Coco (coconut) birds - which adorn the islet with their bright colors.
Among Cayo Coco's beaches stand out Las Coloradas, Jaula and Flamenco, where vacationers can go diving and enjoy the breathtakingly-beautiful sea bottoms.

Cayo Guillermo is one of the region's smallest keys, barely covering 18 square kilometers, although it is rich in plant species. Its territory boasts, among its major attractions, five kilometers of beautiful beaches, one of which, El Pilar, is considered one of the best beaches on the Cuban archipelago. Its dunes can reach up to 16 meters in height. Vacationers can enjoy the breathtakingly-beautiful sea bottoms surrounding the islet, which can be compared with a giant aquarium, thanks to the existence of several dive centers.

The attraction that the Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King) Archipelago has for tourists is reinforced by exceptionally beautiful natural components: its wealth of birds (over 200 species live in the area) and the high degree of conservation of its sea and land ecosystems.

You'll come through Jardines del Rey International Airport, in Cay Coco, only 15 minutes from Cay Coco hotels and 35 minutes from Cay Guillermo Hotels. You can come by sea, using the facilities of the Cay Guillermo marina Cuba Jardines del Rey Cuba.

The islet is separated from mainland by a causeway that begins in Turiguano, which is at north of Ciego de Avila and is famous by its lagoons, where trout fishing and beautiful rural landscapes are the main attractions for tourists.

Jardines del Rey - Airport: Cayo Coco Airport
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