September 17, 2019
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Customs Services in Cuba

Duty-Free Allowance
All passengers may import the following products free of duties and taxes:

  • Personal effects such as clothing, shoes, toiletries and other articles of personal hygiene, in quantities reasonable for the length of stay in Cuba.
  • Articles and equipment relative to their occupation or purpose of visit.
  • In addition to the articles described above, goods not exceeding cuc $50.00 in value.
  • Medicines up to a maximum weight of ten (10) kgs.
  • A maximum of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of loose tobacco, and three (3) liters wine or other alcoholic beverages, provided that the passenger is over the age of 18.
  • Tax Levyng
    Passengers have the right to import articles up to a value of cuc $250.00. This import will be made only once in a year and provide that these are not commercial exchange. Duties and taxes will be levied at the rate of 100% of the declared value.

    Prohibitions And Special Import Requirements Prohibitions
  • Drugs, and narcotic substances, unless for personal use certified with a relevant medical prescription.
  • Blood or blood products.
  • Pornographic and obscene books, magazines, pictures and articles. Explosives.
  • Light motor vehicles and major parts, moto-bicycles and motors for bicycles.
  • Freezers, air conditioners, video cassette recorders and players from Any country, wireless phones, any type or model of electric stoves and hot-plates, electric and microwave ovens, any type or size of electric frying pans, electric water heaters, and showers, electric irons and toasters. Computers except the authorized by the State Administration.
  • Electric resistances, rice cookers, electric rings and electric water can irons that surpass 703 wt., non water can iron surpass 250 wt.
  • Goods Subject To Special Import Requirements

  • Fire arms, ammunition.
  • Satellite dishes and receivers, and radio communication equipment.
  • Biological and pharmaceutical products of animal origin and/or for veterinary use.
  • Specimens of flora and fauna or their remains in any form.
  • Food in general will be admitted only when industrially elaborated, and hermetically sealed.
  • Special Regulations
    Relating to the Import of Goods of Nation Heritage, Objects Containing Precious Metals and Sotones, and Foreing Currency.

    When passengers temporarily import articles and/or objects which exceed cuc $5000.00 in value, they must complete a "Declaration of Value" at the time of importation and file it with the Customs authorities. The document certified by Customs must be presented to the Customs at the time of departure as proof the importation of the items.

    Passengers intending to leave Cuba with cash in excess of cuc $5000.00 must declare at the time of entry to Cuba, the total amount in their possession. Goods not declared, or falsely declared, and those in excess of the authorized value of cuc $250.00 may be seized or forfeited.

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